Saturday Lessons - 5 consecutive Saturdays

Fr 650 chf
Sat 8 Jan, 9:00 - Sat 5 Feb, 15:00 2022 (CET)

Meeting time: 09:15-09:30
Lessons: 09:30-13:30
Lunch: 12:00-13:00
Lessons: 13:00-15:00

Groups: 6-9 participants per group with one teacher

Minimum age: 4.5 years for full day ski lessons
8 years for snowboard lessons

Location: Hoch Ybrig ski area (Oberiberg & Laucheren)

Transportation: Parents are responsible for bringing and collecting their children to and from the lessons.

Terms & Conditions

  1. ski + snowboard academy organizes ski and snowboard lessons in English for children and adults in the area of Hoch Ybrig.
  2. The lessons are conducted by qualified instructors of the Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Ybrig.
  3. Payment of the lessons is due upon registration.
  4. Lessons can only take place if there are a minimum number of 5 participants per group. We reserve the right to combine groups of similar
    ability. Should we be unable to form a group due to lack of participants, the fee paid will be refunded.
  5. Otherwise, a refund of pre-paid fees (after deduction of CHF 30 administrative costs) is only possible following accident, injury or
    illness of the registered participant, which prevents him or her from continuing with the lessons for the rest of the course. A medical
    certificate from a Swiss doctor must be presented. The amount of refund is calculated according to the amount of course days actually
    attended and the total refund will thereby be reduced accordingly. No refund will be given for resignation during a current course or for
    non-appearance on the agreed date.
  6. Missed lessons cannot be made up on another day.
  7. Lessons will take place in all weather conditions, unless cancelled by the ski school.
  8. Participants must wear appropriate clothing, i.e. ski or snowboard suits, helmets, goggles, gloves and ski socks.
  9. Parents are responsible for bringing to and picking up their children from the lessons.
  10. All participants should be aware of slope safety and legal guardians should discuss this with their children (see document).
  11. Lessons will begin punctually and groups will not wait for latecomers.
  12. Communication regarding the lessons will be via email and participants must check regularly for updated information.
  13. By registering online, participants hereby give their permission for ski + snowboard academy to share the following information with
    Schweizer Ski- & Snowboardschule Ybrig: name and address of participant, date of birth, contact information including telephone number of
    participant/legal guardian, email address of participant/legal guardian, level of ability, comments/feedback made in conjunction with
    groups and lessons, disorders, allergies, dietary requirements and health issues.
  14. By registering online, participants hereby give their permission for their names or the names of their children to be released on a weekly
    basis with regards to group information.
  15. Participants/legal guardians maintain responsibility for any claims, losses, costs or liabilities arising out of, or related to any
    negligent actions by their children or themselves while participating in the lessons.
  16. In the event of an accident or emergency, every effort will be made to contact the legal guardian. Should no legal guardian be reachable,
    legal guardians give permission to ski + snowboard academy or Schweizer Ski- & Snowboardschule Ybrig to authorize and obtain emergency
    medical care for their child.
  17. ski + snowboard academy does not assume any responsibility for accidents, damaged or lost equipment and anything else in conjunction with
    the lessons.
  18. ski + snowboard academy is committed to ensuring that the participant’s privacy is protected. All personal data and correspondence between
    ski + snowboard academy, the participant or his/her legal guardian and Schweizer Ski- & Snowboardschule Ybrig will be dealt with
    confidentially. This also applies after the lessons have been completed.
  19. ski + snowboard academy is committed to ensuring that all personal information is secure and ski + snowboard academy will never sell
    personal details to a third party. ski + snowboard academy will take suitable steps to safeguard the information collected.
  20. Comments and feedback given by the participant in connection with the quality of the lessons provided shared with Schweizer Ski- &
    Snowboardschule Ybrig.
  21. Comments may be published on the ski + snowboard academy website, as long as they are used anonymously.
  22. Photos of participants may be used on the ski + snowboard academy website, unless the participant/legal guardian prohibits this and informs
    ski + snowboard academy accordingly in writing by sending an email to Names of participants will not be
    revealed when publishing photos on the ski + snowboard academy website.
  23. ski + snowboard academy will contact participants from previous years once the new season is open for registration. Should participants not
    wish to be contacted, they can inform ski + snowboard academy accordingly in writing and their names and contact details will be deleted.
  24. The participant or his/her legal guardian may request details of personal information which ski + snowboard academy holds about them and if
    the participant or his/her legal guardian believes any information to be incorrect or incomplete, ski + snowboard academy will correct it.
    If the participant or his/her legal guardian wishes for their personal information to be deleted, the participant or his/her legal guardian
    can request this in writing by sending an email to
Age Groups